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Teacher Information

Mr. J Ruggi

Quote of the Semester:     

Following are a few facts about Mr.  Ruggi:

Attended Guido de Bres High School as a Grade nine student in 1975 and graduated from Grade 12 in 1979.

Received an Honours B.A. degree in English from Brock University and a Diploma of Education From Covenant Teachers College.  Completed a Masters of Education degree at Brock University in June, 2013.

Lives with wife and family in Hamilton, and is a member of the Hamilton Cornerstone church community.

Taught for a few years at the Grade Seven level and for twenty some-odd at the high-school level here at Guido.

Continues to enjoy the challenge of learning and teaching in the English, Religious Studies, and Technical Departments at Guido de Bres Christian High School.

Has extra-curricular interests and responsibilities in the Guido de Bres Outdoors Club.  Check out the web page for this club at Students > Clubs and Teams>Outdoors Club.

This semester Mr. Ruggi can be found teaching Religious studies to Senior classes in Room 207, and Grade 10 Woodworking in the shop.  Keep in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!