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Teachers and Course Registration

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Course Requests

Choosing the right courses is important because it can have an impact on the College or University the students are accepted into.

Online course requests for next school year is now closed. See the office if you have not yet submitted your course requests.

Teachers and Courses

We currently have a staff over 40 teachers including educational assistants, and each of them bring a unique personality and teaching style to the classroom.

Have you been wondering about what your child is learning in a particular class? Click on a teacher to find out what’s being taught. Some have posted videos, and others include their entire course outline.

Teacher / Course Pages:

Mr. G Alkema CHW3M, LVV4U, HRE43  
Mr. P Bartels TCJ1O, TCJ3C  
Mrs. J Bork PPL1OF, PPL2OF, SNC2P  
Miss E Brasz EA  
Miss B Bultena MPM1D, SPH3U, SPH4U, MCF3M, SCH4C  
Mr. F DeWit BTX4C, BTT1O, BTA3O  
Mrs. P. Douma FSF1D, FSF2D, FSF3U, FSF4U  
Mr. D Dykstra SBI3U, SNC2D, TEJ1O  
Mrs. D. Evink EA  
Dr. S Foster BTT1O, CHY4C, HRE13, HZT4U  
Mr. J. Heemskerk HRE23  
Mrs. H. Hofsink HNL2O  
Mrs. S. Hofsink ENG1D, ENG2P, ENG1P  
Miss G Hulleman MDM4U, MCR3U, MBF3C, HFN2O, MEL3E  
Mr. J. Kingma AMU1O, AME2O, AMU2O, AME3O, AMV3O  
Miss L Koning SNC1D, SBI4U, CGC1D, CGC1P, CGF3M  
Mr. P. Leistra MBF3C, MCV4U, MPM1D, SPH4C  
Mr. J. Lof MPM2D, MHF4U, MAP4C, MCR3U  
Mr. J. Oliver SCH3U, SCH4U, MFM1P  
Mr. D Ruggi CHC2D, ENG1D, CGC1D, CHC2P  
Mrs. C Scott HRE43, ENG2D, ENG3U  
Mr. D Sikma CHC2D, CHY4U, CHT3O, HRE43, CLU3M  
Ms. W. Smeding Spec. Ed.  
Mrs. A Smid MPM1D, HRE23, SNC2D  
Mrs. A. Spanninga BBI2O, BAF3M, MPM1D, MFM2P  
Mrs. H. Timmerman ENG4U  
Mr. R. Tomlin ENG3U, ENG3C, ADA1O, ENG2D, ADA3O  
Mr. H van Barneveld SNC2D, SNC2P, SBI3C, CGC1D, Co-op  
Mrs. R Van Velzen CHV2O, GLC2O  
Mr. R VanAndel HRE43, ENG2D  
Miss L Vandervelde EA  
Ms. C VanEerden AVI1O, AVI2O, AVI3M, AVI4M  
Mr. M vanPopta ENG4U, ENG4C, ENG3C, ENG2P, ETS4U  
Mrs. C VanVeen FSF1D, FSF1O  
Mr. J. Versteeg CHV2O, PPL1OM, PPL2OM, PPL3O, PPL4O, MFM2P  
Miss E Wielstra MPM2D, SNC1D, SNC1P, SCH3U  
Mr. C. Wieske CHC2P, CHV2O, SBI3C, CGW4U, CGW4C, SNC1D  
Mr. Tim Wildeboer PPL1OM, PPL3O, PSK4U, HRE23, PPL4O  
Mr. T Zietsma BDP3O, BBI2O