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Dress Code and Forms

Community Service

All students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer community service before they graduate. The main responsibility for organizing the program and making the required contact lies with the student and the parents. Click here to download the community service form that the student will complete.

Parent Handbook

The parent handbook is an all-encompassing document for parents which explains how Guido is governed, its policies, and its day to day activities. It was developed in conjunction with staff, and the board of directors. Click here to download the parent handbook.

Dress Code

In class and on school-sponsored day trips, all students must wear shirts and sweaters with the school logo and name supplied by McCarthy. Here’s a couple links to help you order the clothing.

R.J. McCarthy School Uniforms

Clothing Price List

Students are expected to reflect a Christian life-style in dress and appearance. They should be well groomed and wear neat and clean clothing.   Modesty is an essential requirement. This means that clothing must not be distracting to others or sexually provocative. At school, the students’ clothing should be practical and functional, and should not be confused with beach attire or other styles inappropriate to a school setting.

See the Parent Handbook dress code details.