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TCJ2O Construction Technology


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» Contractor Project

TCJ2O is a Construction Technology course for Grade Ten students.  It's an open course and thus can be taken by students in both academic and applied streams.

For the most part, our focus in this course is on an introduction to woodworking. We learn about different materials in the field--hardwoods, softwoods, composite materials, fasteners, finishes--things like that.  The most enjoyable way to learn about these things is to use them, and so the majority of our time is spent in the shop.  Our first project this year is a two-doored, two drawered Early American cabinet constructed of pine.  Our focus in this unit is accurate cutting and joinery, and the safe use of tools and machines including the table saw, the jointer, the band saw, the drill press, hammer, chisels, and screw drivers.

The only project required in this course that is not completed in the shop is The Contractor Project.  For this assignment students have to research and investigate the work of one residential contractor--his education, tool kit, typical day, safety hazards, job satisfaction--that sort of thing.  This project fits in nicely with the Grade Ten curriculum where in other subjects the students study Careers and even attend a Career Day.  The plan is that by exploring the work of a carpenter, landscaper, electrician or other similar tradesperson, the students in TCJ2O become more familiar with work in the trades and recognize possible futures in this vocational area.  An outline of that Contractor Project and the rubric by which it is evaluated is attached to this web page.