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SCH4U Chemistry

The SCH 4U Homepage

 Mr. Oliver has a Weebly (it's a website)! It has up-to-date course information. Visit here.

Unit 1: Organic Chemistry
An introduction to the chemistry of carbon and some of the many compounds it can form. Topics include organic nomenclature, reactions, polymers and societal impact and reliance.

Optional Software Download: Symyx Draw No-fee is a free for educational use drawing program for chemical structures. Note: This links to an off-site location. (Registration is required) 

Unit 2: Structure and Properties
A close examination of the structure of the atom, using the currently accepted model of the atom. Also, extending this to study the implications for molecular shape and properties.

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory.
This link has computer generated models of the various shapes. 
This link has models showing the difference between single and multiple bonds.

Unit 3: Energy Changes and Rates of Reactions
A study of the energy changes in chemical reactions. A focus is the orderly nature of reactions and the ability to be predictive. Also includes a study of the speed of chemical reactions.

Unit 4: Chemical Systems and Equilibrium
A study of systems in dynamic equilibrium – predicting and manipulating the equilibrium point. A focus on acid-base and solubility systems.

Unit 5: Electrochemistry
A study of reactions that involve electrical current.