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SCH4C Chemistry

Unit 1: Matter and Qualitative Analysis
An introduction to the structure of the atom and what the atom is capable of doing. This unit includes a study of the evidence that supports Bohr’s atomic theory, chemical bonding and types of reactions.

Unit 2: Chemical Calculations
The numerical, orderly nature of chemical reactions that involve very large numbers of very small things. Solving problems using balanced chemical reactions. Determining the formula for a compound, working with solutions and experimental error.

Unit 3: Organic Chemistry
An introduction to the chemistry of carbon and some of the many compounds it can form. Topics include organic nomenclature, reactions, polymers and societal impact and reliance.  

Unit 4: Electrochemistry
A study of reactions that involve electrical current. This includes oxidation and reduction reactions, galvanic and electrolytic cells, and the societal importance of electrochemical processes.

Unit 5: Chemistry and the Environment
Chemistry as it relates to the quality of the environment. The importance of a healthy environment that has clean air and water. A look at acids and bases and the reactions involved in acid rain.