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PPL3O Healthy Active Living Education (Co-ed)

Please to go this website to find up to date information on the PPL20 course. Course outlines, calendars, and projects will be listed here

The goal of this course is to develop leadership qualities in each one of us. God calls each one of us to be an example to others in the way we live our lives and by our actions. The second goal is to develop an appreciation for healthy living through participating in a variety of sports, through fitness, and learning about health and wellness.  Finally, with this course we want to encourage lifelong involvement and concern for your own health and wellness.  



Christian education is concerned with the development of the whole student: soul, mind and body.  The Physical Education program is vital to the development of student’s to mature in God’s service. Physical Education encourages and provides opportunities for students to know, understand, and appreciate their bodies as gifts from God, to be cared for and used in his service.  This Grade 11 Phys. Ed. course has been designed to foster all aspects of the whole person. You will be challenged intellectually, spiritually, and physically.


A. Term   70%

Knowledge Understanding               

  • Knowledge of content

    • Skills, principles & strategies, safe practice and procedures

  • Understanding of content

    • Process, techniques, relationships between concepts


  • Written Tests & Assignments

  • Conferencing

  • Game Play

    • Do you play by the rules

    • Do you know the court boundaries

    • Do you play using the court boundaries/rules                 

Thinking and Inquiry Use of planning skills

    • Identifying problems; developing fitness plans; selecting strategies

  • Use of processing skills

    • Determining appropriate safety measures, revising fitness goals

  • Use of critical/creative thinking process

    • Goal setting, decision making; analyzing movement skills


  • Journaling and goal setting

  • Conferencing

  • Game play

    • What do you do during the game

    • Do you move to open space

    • What decisions do you make to improve the level of play


  • Expression of ideas and information in oral, visual and/or written forms

    • Demonstrations, conferences, presentations, journals

  • Communication and interactions for different audiences and purposes

    • Peers, teachers; to inform, instruct, promote

  • Use of health and physical education conventions, vocabulary and terminology

    • Using correct terminology, discussions of health-related components of fitness, phase of movements (preparation, execution, follow-through) in oral, visual and/or written forms


  • POSITIVE Interaction with peers.

  • Demonstrating effort in the sports and activities.

  • Personal responsibility and safety

  • Journaling and goal setting

  • Conferencing

  • Verbal

  • NonVerbal

    • Do you use your hands to call for the ball


  • Application of knowledge and skills:

    • movement skills, concepts, principles strategies

    • Training principles, health concepts, safe practices

    • Personal and interpersonal skills: teamwork, fair play, etiquette, leadership

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to new context

    • Transfer of movement skills, strategies and tactics between physical activity

    • Transfer of plannings skills to context such as fitness, healthy eating, healthy sexuality  


  • Skill development

  • Sport Concepts and Strategies

  • Transferability of concepts

  • Sport Specific Fitness

  • Active participation


B. Final Evaluation

4.  Culminating Experiences 30%  

1)  Leadership……………………………………………………15%

  • tournament/new game

2) Fitness Testing………………………………………………..15%
i. Performance     --- 10%

ii. Conference/reflection --- 5%


Course Scheduling: (there maybe changes)




Sept. 6 – 7

Classroom 101

Leadership Units & Planning

Sept  8 - 16


Volleyball & Fitness

Sept 19 – 23



Sept. 26 –  Sept 30



Oct. 3 – 7


Tennis & Ultimate

Oct. 10 – 14



Oct. 17 – 21


Rugby or Football

Oct  24 - 28



Oct 31 - Nov. 4



Nov. 7 – 11



Nov. 13 – 18

Rm 101

Nutrition & Physiology

Nov 21 – 25


Ball Hockey/Ice Hockey

Nov. 28 – Dec. 9

Rm 101

Health Units

Dec. 12 –  16


Handball/Fitness Testing

Jan. 3 – 6



Jan 9 – 13

Rm 101

Health Unit

Jan. 16 - 20


Culminating Activity Week