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MCV4U Calculus and Vectors

If you are looking for extra help for this course, try the courseware available from the CEMC of the University of Waterloo. They have videos on every topic of the course along with examples and practice questions.

The course consists of two distinct parts.

Part 1: Calculus
In the Calculus section of the course, we will continue the studies begun in MHF4U (Advanced Functions) regarding rates of change of functions until we get to the idea of the "instantaneous slope" of a function.

Secants Approaching Tangents
Several secants are drawn above. By choosing points on the original function closer and closer together, the secant approaches becoming a tangent.

Part 2: Vectors
In the Vectors section of the course, we will look at, among other things, graphing in three dimensions. We will consider equations of planes and look at intersections of planes.

Intersecting Planes
Two non-parallel planes will always intersecting in a line.