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MCF3M Functions and Applications


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Welcome to MCF3M

This course focuses on Functions and Applications. Throughout the course, we will be graphing different functions and then applying them to real life situations. 

A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is required, and students are expected to bring it every day.

Course Content:

1. Quadratics 
Functions - what are they?
Domain and Range
Standard, Vertex and Factored Forms
Moving between the different forms
Problem solving 

2. Trigonometry
Using SOH CAH TOA and Pythagoras to solve right triangles
Using Sine Law and Cosine Law for non-right triangles
Problem Solving
Graphing Trigonometric Functions 

3. Exponentials
Simplifying Exponential Equations
Graphing Exponentials
Problem Solving with Exponentials
Financial applications of exponentials

Review and Exam