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HZT4U Philosophy: Questions and Theories

  This courses addresses three (or more) of the main areas of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and aesthetics.  Students will learn critical-thinking skills, the main ideas expressed by philosophers from a variety of the world’s traditions, how to develop and explain their own philosophical ideas, and how to apply those ideas to contemporary social issues and personal experiences.

Philosophy at Guido provides an opportunity for students to explore the correlation between the central questions and methods that have informed philosophy and the response of scripture. In doing so, the course contributes to the efforts of students to become effective communicators, reflective and creative thinkers, collaborative contributors, and responsible citizens and church members.

Various approaches to the nature of the body, mind, and spirit and their relationships are examined. These questions have been central to a Reformed dialogue and confrontation with philosophy.

This course is designed for Grade 12 Christian students who have an interest in questions that have a variety of answers. It is a course for students who desire to know what others think about these questions and how to relate philosophical theories to everyday life and to their personal Christian confession of faith.