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HRE43 Religious Studies

All the courses in our school must reflect and thus teach its vision. This is a given, because as Reformed people we see no separation between religion and our daily lives. Nevertheless, Bible as a subject has an honoured place in the school's curriculum, as evidenced by the fact that it is taught in every grade: in other words, it has the status of a compulsory subject. In the senior grades, Bible is a full course of 110 hours.

This course includes:
                                 study of Rev. Klaas Stam's The Covenant of Love,
                                 selected Psalms,
                                 the book of Revelation,
                                 and Church Reformers in history.
                                 In addition, there is a "Test the Spirits" component. 

This course is designed to increase the students' knowledge of Scripture, to build their study skills, to review highlights of church history, and to "test the spirits." The fourth aim is based on I John 4:1, and seeks to enhance the students' ability to develop a critical, biblical perspective on 21st century life: how to understand and asses the thought, attitudes, and actions of contempory people.