"Everything in Christ"
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HRE23 Religious Studies

Guido de Bres Christian High School

HRE23 - Student Course Syllabus


“Everything in Christ”


Teacher: Mr. T. Wildeboer

Educational Assistant: Mrs. R. Ludwig

Time:  Day 1 - First Period, Day 2 - Second Period

Room: 104


Welcome to Religious Studies HRE23. This half credit course is structure with 1 week blocks and then switching with Physical Education.  Each week will end with a quiz or unit test.  It is the aim of this course to reflect on our glorious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. This theme will be our focus as we explore the background and development of the early Christian Church. Participation in this course is very important. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and questions with the class and in your group work.


Units of Study:


Unit 1 – Inter-testament period

Unit 2 – Comparison of the Gospels

Unit 3 – Early Church History – Acts and beyond

Unit 4 – Philippians




You will be evaluated using quizzes, tests, assignments, presentations, and group work.


Summative Evaluation:  70%

  1. Knowledge:          20%   (tests, quizzes)
  2. Inquiry:                15 %  (tests,  quizzes, assignments, reflections)
  3. Communication:    10% (written and oral assignments, tests, reflections)
  4. Application:          25 % (combination of all + participation)


Cumulative Evaluation: 30%

  1. Culminating assignment – 10%
  2. Final test – 20 %