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GLC2O Career Studies

Guidance and Career Education:  GLC20

Unit 1:  God's Plan for Me:  Seeking Personal Knowledge

-You will use a variety of assessment tools to produce a personal profile that describes your current interests, skills, competencies, accomplishments, and characteristics, and identify occupations that are suited to your personal profile.

-You will identify the essential skills you have already developed through school, extracurricular, and/or community experiences, and learn how these skills relate to career development.

Unit 2:  Exploring Opportunities:  How can I fulfill my calling?

-You will identify and describe various fields of work that are of interest to you, especially by using Career Cruising to aid your research.

-You will learn the importance of safety in the workplace

-You will research and compare a variety of postsecondary learning options.

Unit 3:  Preparing for a Changing World

You will prepare a preliminary career plan that identifies secondary school courses, activities in the school and community, and postsecondary education options that will help you in your service to your God.

-You will create effective resumes and cover letters for the work search process, learn to complete job applications effectively, and demonstrate the ability to prepare for the job interview process.