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FSF2D Core French

Course Description:


This course enables students to increase their knowledge of the French language, further develop their language skills, and deepen their understanding and appreciation of francophone culture around the world.

Unit 1 – Les sports de chez nous
In this unit students learn about a variety of sports with a special emphasis on hockey and baseball.  Language structures include the imperfect tense and making comparisons using adjectives and adverbs.  Students also read a short novel about soccer called Le Beau Jeu.

Unit 2 – L’arc-en-ciel
The main topic of this course is colours and colour-related adjectives with a focus on Impressionnists and Inuit engraving.  Language structures includes object pronouns and relative pronouns.

Unit 3 – Le journal, c’est pour nous
This unit focuses on the newspaper and its related vocabulary.  In groups, students are required to write their own French language newspaper.  Language structures include negative expressions, impersonal expressions and an introduction to the subjunctive mood.

Unit 4 – Le pouvoir, c’est moi et toi
The main topic of this course is our responsibility towards the environment.  Language structures include the conditional tense for politeness and in "if" clauses.


  • Tous Ensemble: Altitude – textbook
  • Tous Ensemble: Altitude – workbook (cahier)
  • Le Beau Jeu novel
  • French-English dictionary