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ENG1D English


As people of the Word, we need to discern what truth is and communicate truth to others. This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity, and incorporating stylistic devices appropriately and effectively. The course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Grade 10 academic or applied course.

Aims of the English program

 1. To foster awareness that language is a gift of God, andmust therefore be used in responsible stewardship.

 2. To help us recognize, appreciate, and enjoy good literature.

 3. To develop proficiency in the use of language.

 4. To stimulate imaginative thought and expression.

 5. To broaden our knowledge of literature through the study of a variety of genres.

 6. To teach us to use the study of language and literature as a means of discerning the spirit of our times.

 7. To make the use of literature as a way of experiencing new viewpoints.

 8. To help us to apply Christian concepts to our relationships with others as well as to our attitudes and actions      in general.

 Units of Study

Unit 1        Short Stories                                                                  
Unit 2        Poetry                                                                                               
Unit 3        Novel Study: Moonfleet
Unit 4        Mythology                          
Unit 5        Drama: The Merchant of Venice  
Language study will take place in all units


 Term   70%      
 Writing         40%
Tests and Quizzes 40%
Other assignments   20%

Final Examination                             30%