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CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law

CLU3M Course Description/Rationale

 This course explores Canadian Law with a focus on legal issues that are relevant to people’s everyday lives. Students will investigate fundamental legal concepts and processes to gain a practical understanding of Canada’s legal system, including the criminal justice system. Students will use critical-thinking, inquiry, and communication skills to develop informed opinions on legal issues and apply this knowledge in a variety of ways and settings, including case analysis, legal research projects, mock trials and debates. 

 In addition, this course explores legal issues that directly affect Christian students’ lives. To develop an appreciation of the Canadian legal system, and that God’s law should be the source of all laws, students examine the historical roots of Canadian law and expand on their understanding of the role of government in making laws. Students also become familiar with the rights and freedoms that all Canadians enjoy as a result of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Students acquire a practical knowledge of Canada’s legal system, both criminal and civil, and learn how to analyse legal issues. They are given opportunities to develop informed opinions on legal issues and to defend those opinions and communicate legal knowledge in a variety of ways and settings, including legal research projects, and mock trials and debates.

 This course, Understanding the Law, extends the development of attitudes and values based on Christian values and beliefs.  Opportunities are given to students to integrate their faith with civic duty and responsibility. Students become familiar with events, which is a part of a Christian’s history such as the development of Mosaic Law. When students examine the question of human rights, they begin to appreciate the relevance of Christian social justice teachings. This course involves activities that encourage students to act morally and legally as persons formed in Christian traditions. Law course graduates should be effective communicators of the Good News of Jesus Christ in their attitudes and approaches to historical and contemporary issues involving the law.


Units:  Titles and Approximate Time

Unit 1


20 hours

Unit 2

Rights and Freedoms

20 hours

Unit 3

Criminal Law and Procedures

35 hours

Unit 4

Regulation and Dispute Resolution

35 hours