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CHY4C World History since the Fifteenth Century



This course explores the history of the world since the sixteenth century, emphasizing the interaction between the emerging West and other regions of the world. Students will learn about a variety of economic, social, and political systems and the changes they have undergone over time. Students will acquire sound skills of historical inquiry and will develop an appreciation of the forces that have formed our modern world. 

The study of the major trends in Western civilization and World history agrees with the general goals and objectives of our school.  Among these are the following:

-          to contribute to the religious, ethical, intellectual, and civic training of the students;

-          to give them some knowledge of the cultural achievements ( in the broadest sense of the term) of their society, civilization and other regions of the world;

-          to help them develop their analytical skills and their ability to research, analyse, evaluate, synthesize, organize, utilize, and communicate information in both oral and written form;

-          to help them deal in a critical fashion with the many modern and ancient ideologies;

-          by these means to help prepare them for the tasks to which they will be called, so that they may fulfill them in obedience to the biblical mandate.