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BTA3O Information Technology Applications in Business


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Course Description

This course prepares students for the digital environment. Using a hands-on approach, students will further develop information and communication technology skills through the use of common business software applications. The concept and operation of e-business will be explored, and students will design and create an e-business website. The skills developed in this course will prepare students for success in the workplace and/or postsecondary studies.

This course is designed with the philosophy that the instruction of applications and communications should be integrated into all the units of the course. The information technology courses aim to prepare students for a business and communication world that relies more and more on rapidly changing electronic technology. Whether students wish to apply the new technologies in their careers or at the workplace, to develop a broader understanding of the effects of technology on business, or to establish a foundation for the use of information technology at the postsecondary level, the information technology courses provide opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge that emphasise their use and implementation in a Christian and caring manner.

Major Assignments and Submission Dates

Major Assignment Date Evaluation or Supporting Documents
Research Topic
Oct 9  
*Component Research Project Sept 27 Details.docx
Research Project – Annotated Bibliography
Nov 1 Computer Report Research Details.docx
*Research Project – Written Nov 22  
*Research Project - Presentation
 Dec 9
Research Project Rewrites
 Dec 16
*Final Project  Jan 13

Research Project: See Details Document for information.

See Research Evaluation for marking details.