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School Clubs

More than just school work

Extra-curricular activities are a great way for students to develop their talents outside of regular classroom time. Below are the clubs and sports teams available at the school.

Activity Teacher Contact
1. Assemblies Ms. VanEerden, Mr. Kingma, SLT
2. Intramurals Mr. Versteeg, Athletics Council
3. Student Leadership Team Miss Hulleman, Miss Koning, Mr. Sikma, Mrs. Spanninga, Mr. VanBarneveld
4. Drama Production (schedule) Mr. Tomlin
5. Yearbook Mrs. VanVelzen, Mr. DeWit, Miss Bultena, Mr. Oliver
6. Art/Photography Club Ms. VanEerden
7. Math enrichment Mr. Lof
8. Outdoors Club Mr. Versteeg, Mr. Oliver, Miss Bultena, Mr. Dykstra
9. Band, Orchestra Mr. Kingma
10. Ice Hockey Club Mr. Wildeboer, Mr. Wiekse
11. Science/Ecology Club Mr. Oliver, Mr. van Barneveld
12. Gym sound and lights Mr. Tomlin
13. Robotics Mr. Dykstra
14. The Guido Community Action Team Mr. Wieske

School Teams

September to November Teacher Contact
Cross Country Mr. vanPopta
Junior Girls Basketball Mr. Versteeg
Senior Girls Basketball Mrs. N. VanVeen & Mr. Ruggi
Junior Boys Volleyball  (Staff: Mr. Alkema)
Senior Boys Volleyball Mr. Lof
Ice Hockey Team Mr. Wieske & Mr. Wildeboer
December to March
Junior Girls Volleyball Mr. Lof
Senior Girls Volleyball Mrs. Bork
Junior Boys Basketball Mr. Versteeg
Senior Boys Basketball Mr. Ruggi
March to June
Boys Soccer Mr. Wildeboer, Mr. Jansema
Badminton Mr. VanAndel, Mr. Sikma
Girls Soccer Miss Smeding, Mr. Lof
Track & Field Mr. VanPopta
School Teams Director Mr. Wildeboer