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Donating and Tuition Fees

Ready to become a donor?

The strength of our school is the community commitment to share the cost and responsibility for our children’s education. Thirty-five percent of the school's budget is paid by donors and the rest is paid by tuition payers. This community commitment keeps our tuition fees affordable.

If you would like to become a donor, please download this preauthorized payment form, and send the completed form to your congregation’s local rep. If you don’t know who your local rep is, that’s fine, just email the form to finance@guidodebres.com, and indicate which church you attend.

To donate by cheque, please contact your local treasurer, or email treasurer@guidodebres.com.

Etransfers can be made using the email address finance@guidodebres.com. Please first send an email to finance@guidodebres.com listing your name, address, local congregation and the password you will use for your etransfer. This will help us to track your donation/payment for tax receipts.

Ready to enroll?

Parents and legal guardians sending their children to Guido are charged a monthly tuition fee. The process begins when your children are in grade six, and pre tuition begins. When your children attend grade 9, you begin paying the regular tuition amount.

Each supporting congregation has a local representative in their own church, and you can contact this person to enroll your child in Guido, or to ask questions. If you don’t have a local rep, or are unsure of who they are, please contact the treasurer – treasurer@guidodebres.org.


Fee Schedule for 2023/2024

As of July 1, 2023:


Category   Description Fee per month for
12 months per year
1 Parents with children only in Guido $ 1 049
2 Parents with children at Guido and elementary school $ 720
3 Parents with children in grade 6 for the first time $ 373
4 General membership fee $ 200
5 Senior membership fee $ 100

Suggested donor amount $ 50

Harvest Foundation

The Harvest Endowment Foundation is a Canadian Reformed foundation established for the purpose of operating a fund, or series of funds, for the endowment and benefit of Canadian Reformed school societies and other Canadian Reformed charities, as defined in the Income Tax Act, which have subscribed to and have as basis the Word of God as confessed and summarized in the Three Forms of Unity. Click here to visit their website for more information – www.harvestfoundation.ca