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Governing Body

How Guido operates

Guido is a parent run school which is governed by a board of Directors. Each of the supporting congregations is represented on the board, and directors can be either tuition-paying parents, or members of the supporting community. Click here for an infographic on how the school is governed.

Chairman Mr. Bert Knol
Vice-Chairman Mr. Jason Tenhage
Finance Liaison Mr. Mike Krikke
Corresponding Clerk       Mrs. Tobi Bos
Recording Secretary Mrs. Angeline Langendoen

Local representatives:

Ancaster Mrs. Erica Holtvluwer
Attercliffe Mr. James Vis
Blessings vacant
Brampton vacant
Burlington East Mr. Brent Sipkema
Burlington South Mr. Bert Knol
Dunnville West/East Mr. Herman Kamstra
Flamborough Mr. Ed Jans
Glanbrook Mr. Arnold Mans
Grassie Mr. Jason Tenhage
Grimsby Mr. Bart Ludwig
Hamilton - Cornerstone     Mrs. Tobi Bos
Lincoln Mr. Mark DeBoer
Mercy vacant
Niagara South Mr. John Bartels
Providence Mrs. Ang Langendoen
Smithville Mr. Calvin Komdeur
Springcreek Mr. Ed Poort
Toronto Mr. Mike Tel
Waterdown Mr. Mike Krikke

The financial administrator is Mrs. Tracey Strating.
The treasurer is Mr. Garett Van Iperen.