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OCSSAA Code of Conduct

OCSSAA Code of Conduct


We, the participating schools of the OCSSAA, strongly believe that when sports are participated in within a Christian lifestyle, we must encourage positive play and healthy interaction between players of all teams and between the schools these players represent.  Therefore, we must conform to the following expectations:

 Ø  In all we do and say we are first and foremost Ambassadors for Christ our Lord and Saviour.

 Ø  Coaches will show respect for their athletes and refrain from humiliating an athlete under their control.  Coaches shall be positive role models.

 Ø  Athletes are expected to display respect for their coach, as he/she is the leader of the team.

 Ø  Individuals will seek to resolve differences and to treat others, both team mates and opponents, as one would wish to be treated.

 Ø  Participants will show respect to officials and accept their judgment without undue emotion.

 Ø  Participants will respect the playing facilities and equipment.

 Ø  Participants will relate to the rules of the game in a positive, honest and respectful manner.

 Ø  Profanities and negative gestures of any sort are unacceptable.

 Ø  Spectators must show respect to the participating teams.  They will refrain from boos, catcalls, or other forms of derision.

 Ø  All participants will respect their bodies as temples of God and honour governmental, school, and facility bans concerning the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

 Ø  It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the Code of Conduct is followed for the enjoyment of all participants and spectators.


Any person who has a concern regarding behaviour during a OCSSAA tournament is asked to follow this sequence.

 First, speak directly to the coach of the team that has demonstrated the inappropriate behaviour.  It is hoped that Christian dialogue (speaking and listening) will produce wise results.

 Second, if the concern cannot be rectified, contact the tournament convenor.  Provide a written account of the inappropriate behaviour that was witnessed.

 Third, provide a copy of the written account to your school’s athletic representative at OCSSAA.