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Camps & Clinics

Preseason Basketball and Volleyball Clinics

Who? All students with an interest in volleyball or basketball! It would especially be great to see students new to 9 grade!
What? This is a great way to prepare for tryouts and to develop your skills. Come dressed to compete!
Where? Guido de Bres CHS Gym  (420 Crerar Dr.)
When? Basketball: August 29th and 31st (7PM – 9PM)
Volleyball: August 30th and September 1st (7PM – 9PM)
For more information, email Tim Wildeboer: athletics@guidodebres.com
Coaches: Basketball: Justin Versteeg, Jeff Morris, Calvin Wieske, & Greg Kamstra
Volleyball: James Lof, Justin Vis, Kevin Dejonge, & Janet Bork